Shaping vibrant, better connected places

Utilising digital tools to ensure
planning policies and design proposals deliver social, economic, and environmental value.

PLACE LOGIC utilises urban network analysis to highlight the underlying forces which shape our towns and cities, all of which have a major impact on the quality of the urban environment.

Unlike other modelling systems which rely on costly and time- consuming data-collection, PLACE LOGIC uses readily available maps as source material and provides outputs quickly and economically. These can be used as stand-alone media or as explanatory aids in more complex models.

The principle behind PLACE LOGIC is that successful places depend on two important and inter-related factors: a logical movement network and an appropriate distribution of functions. Towns and cities are highly complex entities and case studies have demonstrated that there is a remarkably close correlation between connectivity and viability, so explaining why some places ‘work,’ and others do not.

This information is useful to a
number of different disciplines:

  • Urban Designers, Town Planners & Developers
    to test alternative development scenarios and identify the most advantageous solutions.
  • Local Authorities, Valuers & Investors
    to understand how places function in their existing state.
  • Historians & Sociologists
    to trace the evolution of places.

Methods of Analysis

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