Wellesley, Aldershot

Sector Design
Application Future Scenario - Single SchemeBuilding and open space analysis
Client Adam Urbanism
Location Aldershot, Hampshire

Key Objectives

  • Overcoming site severance
  • Improving integration with the town centre
  • Establishing the movement strategy
  • Enhancing the public realm

The Opportunity

To create a new mixed-use neighbourhood of approximately 4,000 homes on the site of a former garrison. Location of the community facilities within the development and integration with the nearby town centre could only be assured through analysing and understanding existing and proposed movement patterns.

Our Contribution

PLACE LOGIC was used to assess the constraints of the existing street pattern and to test different network options to ensure that the new network overcame severance and created an integrated and well connected place. PLACE LOGIC mapping analysis assisted by providing simple GIS based mapping, demonstrating opportunities for high levels of connectivity to the adjoining network and within its own network. It highlighted a strong centre of activity appropriate to become the new local centre.

The Outcome

The Street Activity analysis shows that:
Fig. 1 The existing site layout was disconnected and difficult to traverse due to its lack of connectivity.
Fig. 2 The new masterplan:

  • significantly improves movement though the site.
  • provides effective connectivity with the town centre and the surrounding areas.

Fig. 3 Places the new local centre at the core of the movement hot spot.

Fig 1   Street Activity existing scenario
Fig 2   Street Activity future scenario
Fig 3   Street Activity on the open space

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