Govan, Glasgow

Sector Design
Application Connections analysis
Client The University of Strathclyde
Location Govan, Glasgow

Key Objectives

  • New bridge connecting Govan to the River Clyde
  • Growth poles at Govan (south bank) and Partick (north bank)
  • Reconnection of Govan to the wider city of Glasgow

The Opportunity

PLACE LOGIC analysis of Govan in Glasgow was undertaken as part of the MSc in Urban Design course at University of Strathclyde by students in their final year of studies in architecture. The study was produced in collaboration with students from a wide range of other backgrounds, from geography to mathematics, planning and sociology.

Our Contribution

Figs 1 and 2 show an extract of the metropolitan area of Glasgow centred in Govan before (Fig 1) and after (Fig 2) the introduction of a few key changes in the street system, notably:

  • A new bridge over the River Clyde connecting Govan to the opposite bank in proximity to the conjunction with the River Kelvin and the new Transport Museum.
  • Two minor street reconnections across the industrial spine south of Govan historical centre.

The Outcome

The analysis shows that:

  • Fig 3 illustrates the strategy of local regeneration developed to enhance the connectivity of Govan with the wider city of Glasgow subsequent to the three proposed reconnections illustrated.
  • Together the new bridge and street reconnections (Fig 2) substantially increase the integration of Govan in the central core of the city of Glasgow. This ensures the potential for the economic regeneration of the local community.
Fig 1   Place Connectivity - existing scenario
Fig 2   Place Connectivity - future scenario
Fig 3   Strategy for local regeneration in Govan

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