Nansledan, Newquay, Cornwall

Sector Planning
Application Neighbourhood Completeness
Client ADAM Urbanism
Location Nansledan, Newquay

Key Objectives

  • To understand the impact of Nansledan on the Neighbourhood Completeness of the site and surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • To assess the proposed amenities earmarked for delivery in forthcoming development phases.

The Opportunity

The development of Nansledan is a significant urban extension to the town of Newquay which has received significant recognition for being an exemplary, dense, mixed use, mixed tenure, and sustainable extension that is distinctively Cornish in character.

Our Contribution

This retrospective study was undertaken to measure, quantitatively, the positive impact of the development on access to important amenities within the locale. We analysed the Neighbourhood Completeness of Nansledan both before development began and following full implementation of the proposed masterplan.

The Outcome

It was found that following the completion of Nansledan, the Neighbourhood Completeness of the Parish of Newquay will rise from 7.6 to 7.8 and the proportion of the network achieving a “High Completeness” score of greater than will increase from 55% to 65%, despite the addition of 4,000 homes.

Fig 1   Aerial view of Nansledan looking north-west along the High Street
Fig 2   Neighbourhood Completeness of the Parish of Newquay before commencement of Nansledan
Fig 3   Neighbourhood Completeness of the Parish of Newquay following completion of Nansledan
Fig 4   Jubilee Celebration in Nansledan

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