Nine Elms, London

Sector Planning
Application Future Scenario - Single SchemeConnections analysis
Client TFL London
Location Nine Elms, London

Key Objectives

  • New pedestrian route connecting Nine Elms to Pimlico
  • Growth poles at Nine Elms and Pimlico
  • Optional bridge alignments connecting Nine Elms to the River Thames

The Opportunity

The Terry Farrell masterplan proposes a new cycle and pedestrian bridge connecting the US Embassy to Pimlico, and a feasibility study carried out by Transport for London (TFL) investigated four alternative bridge location options (Fig 1) to assess their relative merits.

Our Contribution

PLACE LOGIC was used to test the impact of the four TFL bridge location options connecting the Nine Elms development and Pimlico, to identify which option:

  • Promotes high levels of connectivity between Nine Elms and Pimlico
  • Re-connects the Battersea Power Station and US Embassy sites to the River Thames
  • Enhances the pedestrian public realm strategy

The Outcome

The Place Connectivity analysis shows that:

Fig 2 Existing bridge provision:

  • Does not optimise commercial activity at the US Embassy site.
  • Does not promote pedestrian movement across the Thames to Pimlico or integration of Nine Elms with Central London.

Fig 3 Proposed new bridge location:

  • Improves connectivity to Pimlico indicating potential for future urban growth between the Nine Elms and Victoria opportunity areas.
  • Creates a new urban centre at the Battersea Power Station site with potential for greater commercial activity there.
Fig 1   TFL Bridge alignment options 1 to 4
Fig 2   Place Connectivity - TFL Option 1 Existing bridge provision
Fig 3   Place Connectivity - TFL Option 4 Proposed new bridge location

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